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Some more FOs, and a reading spree May 8, 2011

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Sorry for the radio silence- this job hunt has taken some interesting turns and I’ve been sort of caught up in it. Michael’s offered me the job, but I ended up not accepting because they hadn’t been honest with me about how many hours I’d get- plus I realized that it would be smarter for me to just go back to working a full time desk job to pay off my student loans, and THEN think about school.

Anyway, I’ve been busy aside from the job hunt, with knitting and reading. Also my family’s third craft retreat was last weekend, so that was lovely.

First, here’s the full finished pair of Violin Socks.

The picture of the violin cables down the front is in the previous entry, below. These were knit on size US 1.5 needles with Malabrigo Sock.

Second, here’s my niece’s birthday present (if you know my niece and see this, please take care she doesn’t see! I do want it to be a surprise for her birthday). It’s Sprite in size 3-4T, knit on size 3 and 6 needles, in Knitpicks Cotlin and Comfy (in Lantana and Honeydew, respectively).

My last recent FO is my favorite by far. Celaeno, in Yarn Pig (colorway Midnight Sky, and this isn’t a commercially available yarn- I got it in a swap with the dyer) on size US 5 needles.

I NEED to get better photos. The yarn isn’t straight black, it has a lot of dark blue in it, and the beads are a gorgeous silver-lined turquoise. I adore this thing.

In reading news, I’m back into fiction! I don’t know what sparked it, but the day I finished a pretty awful true-crime thing called Needle Work, I got the urge to start reading The Book of Lost Things. A few hours later, I’d finished it and had a new favorite book. It’s amazing. The next day, I read The Graveyard Book (also really really good) and started World War Z. Today I read Thunderstruck, which I didn’t really care for, and tomorrow I’m going back to the library to get more! I’m so happy that I’m finally back into reading fiction that I’ve been neglecting my poor knitting, a bit. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll balance the two eventually.


FOs Everywhere April 11, 2011

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Seriously, I’ve been a finishing fiend lately. Since I finished the Arden mitts, I’ve finished

The Sunset Loop socks

Froot Loops by Kristi Geraci, Mountain Colors Crazyfoot in an unknown colorway, size US 2 needles

The Boring Mansocks for Cory

My own generic sock pattern, Arucania Ranco in Olive, size US 1.5 needles

AND a teeny little microfoppy.

Monster Chunks by Rebecca Danger, Knitpicks Gloss Lace in Fiesta, size US 0 needles

I’ve still got a lot to do by the end of the month, but I feel pretty good about what I’ve finished so far. I’m working on my old Woodland Shawl as one of my WIPs for Nerd Wars, and I need to make Celaeno still as well. Then I signed up to test knit some socks that were turning out way too big, so I need to start over on smaller needles, AND I have to make the shawl for the auction winner. Whew!


Lethargy: 1. Me: 0 June 22, 2010

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I had good intentions, today. I was going to unpack books and start a knitting project and do more laundry. But then… work was insanely busy, Cory was late picking me up because he had to go do more work for that “three-week” gig that’s currently on week four with no end in sight, and then I started feeling sort of sick. So, I got the rest of the clothes put away, turned on the air conditioning, and then sat on my butt for the rest of the evening.

Ah well. Sometimes you just gotta rest.

As for the project I wanted to start… it takes size 7 needles. I bought an extra set when I ordered the yarn. I then packed them… in different boxes. I have found the yarn; the needles are nowhere to be found, as of yet. My other set of size 7 tips are currently in use making Cory a hat, so I’ll have to either dig up the extra set or finish the hat before I can start this project.

I did, however, pick out patterns for dad’s socks. If you remember, he commissioned two pairs from me, one in brown/black variegated and one in “rockies purple”. The brown/black are going to be my Two for His Heels pattern, because while dad doesn’t play cribbage much, he does play, and taught me to play at one point. The purple will be a simple ribbed sock pattern with a black heel and toe.


Woosh May 29, 2010

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I spent the afternoon at my friend Kelly’s place, keeping her and her husband company while they packed for their move, and somehow the rest of the first and all of the second sleeve just flew off of my needles while I was there.

The only piece left is the hood, which is knit directly onto the front and back pieces. After that, all that’s left is seaming and the i-cord trim. I’ve already woven in most of the ends, just the v-insert ends left. I’m starting to feel like maybe it won’t be late after all! (And can I just say how glad I am to be done knitting 2 row stripes in four colors?)

In other knitting news, my father came online yesterday and was talking to me about how much he loves the socks I made him two years ago. He asked me how long they take to make, and then offered me a fair price (!!) for two pairs of socks! So this week sometime I’ll be buying the yarn for those. He wants a brown/black pair, for which I’m going to use this yarn, and a “Colorado Rockies purple” (baseball thing) pair, for which I found this yarn. I’m fairly pleased with that purple- I compared it to a photo of a Rockies player and the shade is spot on.

Now if anyone has good, interesting but not unmanly sock patterns that they like, please do let me know. I’ve already done the masonic lodge socks and (duh) my own two for his heels pattern, so I don’t want to do those again, but I’m up for anything else.


photos of things that aren’t yarn July 29, 2009

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Since all I’ve photographed lately has been handspun, here are a few things that are not that.

First, the Sunday Swing socks I’m knitting, toe-up, in Malabrigo Sock (colorway Caribeno).

Sock toesNow that I’m back on track (i never did find the lost stitch- I just picked up a new one), these are going just fine again. I love this yarn knit up. I actually like it more than I did in the skein, which is saying something.

This is what I got for myself as a “prize” for finishing the Tour de Fleece.

labyrinthThis is 4oz of Falkland wool in colorway Labyrinth, by Pigeonroof Studios. Apparently, Falkland wool is special because there are no sheep parasites native to the Falkland Islands, so the wool has never been “dipped”, giving it a nicer quality.

Remember the pear tahkli that I got at Detta’s? The supported spindle? Well, the thing about supported spindles is that they need, um, support. Normally this is done in a small ceramic or wooden bowl made specifically for the purpose (and costing from $10-$40). I didn’t get one, so I was looking around for something I could use or modify for this use, and happened upon a teeny little wooden box. I have a few tiny boxes- I’ve always loved them- and this one seemed just right. I took a knitting needle and a mallet and punched a hole in the middle, and I was right, it works absolutely perfectly with this spindle.

spindle with boxThe spindle’s tip fits loosely enough to spin well, but tightly enough that I can just leave the thing sitting straight up in the box and it doesn’t tip over. …Now, I just need to learn to spin on the thing, eh?


Sockyarnorama April 28, 2009

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Today was apparently the Day of Sock Yarn Acquisition, rather unexpectedly. Prepare for photos!

Part 1 of DoSYA:

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Jill (who lives in Canada) fell madly in love with these clear converse shoes. Sadly, Journey’s doesn’t deliver outside the US, so I offered to help her by ordering the shoes myself and mailing them to her. She was very excited and said she’d send some handdyed sock yarn along with the money for the shoes, as a thank-you sort of thing. I thought, how cool! A skein of handdyed sock yarn, dyed by a friend.

I got the box today. It ain’t no “skein of sock yarn”.

It’s FOUR, and stitch markers, all made by Jill!

Gifts from Jill!

Isn’t everything pretty?! My favorite is the tweedy teal, though I also love the one with a bit of purple. The stitch markers are just awesome, too. I couldn’t believe she sent so much! Jill, thank you again! You are awesome!

Part 2 of DoSYA:

Once I got home, I decided to sit down and ply that “anton” fiber up. Here’s what I got.

The two skeins ended up a bit different (in one the colors matched up well, in the other they barberpoled pretty much the whole time) but each one is OVER 200 YARDS! That’s over 400 yards of fingering weight! I’m not sure I’ll do socks, but that’s an option!

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. The photo doesn’t show the color depth, or how sparkly it really is, or (the best part) how incredibly soft it is. I highly, highly reccommend SugarBeeStudios‘ batts. Wonderful stuff.

ALSO: for those coming tomorrow night to the craft group! I think I’ve decided that we’ll try The Beat coffee shop on 28th and Hennepin. 7pm, as usual, though if Janelle and I aren’t there right at 7 don’t give up, we’ll be there by 7:30. Call my cell if you need directions or anything.


KO, You Win April 23, 2009

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baudelaires complete

Baudelaire sock pattern by Cookie A. from Knitty Summer ’06, size large. Yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in Black Parade, knit on size 2 needles.

Aw yeah.

Finished baudelaire #2 at about 10:15 tonight. They’re lovely and comfy and fit perfectly. New favorite socks, methinks.

However, I have to go pack. I’m leaving at 10:45 tomorrow morning, but I needed to finish those socks!

A note: I will be blogging, assuming all goes well, while at the retreat. There’s wireless there, and I’m bringing Max (my netbook).