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Failure is always an option July 6, 2009

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Well guys, Aeolian is… how should I put this…

In a time out.

A SERIOUS time out. A possibly for several months, you-did-something-seriously-wrong-young-lady-and-I-want-you-to-know-it sort of time out.

After it became inexplicably screwed up for the third time yesterday, I did some thinking. I realized a few things… one, I should not resent my knitting. If I resent my knitting there is Something Wrong and the knitting and I need to take a leetle break. Two, I have nowhere to wear such a jewelled confection as it shall surely, once complete, become (as a caterpillar from a cocoon, I am sure of it), and I’d rather have that deadline of a truly formal event to get me to finish it. Three, no one will be upset with me if I don’t finish it NOW NOW NOW, except possibly Janelle, but she’s wrong. (also it is slightly wrong how difficult it was not to type NOM NOM NOM right there by accident)

So today at work, I did… nothing. Nothing at all. It would have been boring, except that I actually had, you know, work to do. The day still went really slowly, though. After I got home, I spun up a few dozen more yards of the camel down (only 0.2 oz to go! I’m 80% done with the singles!) and started on a seekrit project that I cannot even share with you, dear blog. It is pretty much to replace Aeolian in my WWM queue, since I can’t spin at work and will probably havea  few dead days there before the end of the month (besides, there are two “days of rest” in the TdF so you don’t burn out).

Oh, and podcast episode 13 is up and downloadable. I even checked it this time- it works, promise. 🙂


To dream the impossible dream May 28, 2009

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If you listen to the podcast, you might remember that we discussed the idea of doing some exercises from the AlterKnits book. Well, today in the podcast ravelry group, we opened the discussion with our listeners, and asked them to describe their dream knitting day (no boundaries, no limitations, no money or travel constraints, and you can have anyone with you that you want). I’m fairly pleased with what I came up with, though I think with more time I could do better.

“I think my day would start much like Betty’s, knitting with a cup of tea, watching the sun rise over the water, but I’d be on the coast, in Scotland, with mist over the water and green hills. I’d have breakfast with a few close knitterly friends, someplace with really fresh, good quality food. We’d knit over breakfast, and magically be in Toronto.

We’d go on a yarn crawl, and the owners of the shops would have every yarn there is and let us try everything before we bought it. We would have a picnic lunch and go on a hike (with portable knitting projects, of course!) in some breathtakingly gorgeous untouched piece of land.

Then we’d all meet up with the famous knitters I want to meet, like Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Amy from Knitty and Cat Bordhi, and have dinner in a really extravagant restaurant that had everyone’s favorite foods. We’d go back to a big plush house somewhere, and knit away the evening talking and listening to great music. Most importantly, though the whole thing, my hands and wrists would never get tired.”

The followup question is to think about whether or not any elements of your dream are attainable, immediately or otherwise, and then think about having an event that includes some of them. Anyone up for a yarn crawl/picnic/dinner/sleepover? Can’t promise any famous knitters will attend, though 😉

What’s your dream knitting day?


Zzzzzzzz May 25, 2009

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Late one tonight. It’s already 11:22 (note: I am normally in bed by 11 at the latest) and I am just now blogging. We recorded episode 7 of Knitscape tonight, and with the long recording, editing, finding music, uploading, and now starting a Ravelry group, I didn’t realize how late it was getting. But dang I’m tired!

Janelle and I did not, as we thought we would, go to the WWII reenactment/ceremony today, as we found out it wasn’t free, so instead we drove around for a few hours. It was nice to wander around a bit, and see parts of the city I’m not familiar with. We tried to go to Minnehaha Falls, but the park was overrun, so we ended up popping by my brother’s place to say hi and then heading home. Didn’t get much done besides the podcast, but at least it was a nice relaxing day.

Alright, I’m off to bed. Nodding off as I type, here. G’night.


Yawn May 12, 2009

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I had a really boring day, today. Work was pretty dead, and what work I had to do was dull. My boss was around all day so I couldn’t knit at all. When I got home, I played Discworld for a while (an old playstation game, great fun if you’re a Pratchett fan, great confusion if you aren’t) and then recorded the podcast. I just finished editing that, and it’s uploading now… so that was the entirety of my day.

I got stuck in Discworld a few times. It’s a good game, but a few of the things you have to do are completely unintuitive, and sometimes you have to click on just the right spot to get the interaction to work. For instance, to get the “magic coil”, you have to go to the barber, talk to the lady in the chair after you “look” at her hair curler, distract the barber with thoughts of his true love, and then while he’s distracted (about 5 seconds) use a particular item to pickpocket not the barber himself, but his pocket, which is a very small area on his torso. Rather annoying, but as I said the game manages to be really fun anyway. It has that essential Pratchettyness to it that makes it hilarious dispite its shortcomings.

Fraid I haven’t got much more to talk about, really. I will try to have a better post tomorrow, but I did want to let you all know that Episode 5 is in fact up. It’s long this time, lots to talk about, but I think it’s interesting anyway. Heh.

Well, off to bed.


Much better. May 6, 2009

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Today was much, much better than the last few days have been. I got another crochet hat commission (from the same guy- his ex wants a matching hat for their baby son), the workday went quickly, the podcast episode was recorded successfully, and (though I wasn’t feeling too great for a lot of the day) I had a good time playing the Sims 2 this evening before recording the ‘cast.

Unfortunately I also lost track of time completely, so the episode won’t get uploaded tonight and I won’t say much more- it’s waaaay past my bedtime– but hey, at least I’m more positive today! And there’s only two more days until the fiber festival!


Good news, bad news April 27, 2009

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Bad news first, right? Always bad news first.

I got an IM from my mom, earlier, letting me know that my grandma (who was not doing well at the retreat, and unbeknownst to me had fallen on Thursday) had gotten her MRI results back, and has broken both hips at this point. The doctors (and yes, we’re all shocked and upset by this) have said they will not treat her, and after the mandatory 3 day hospital stay she’ll be going to a nursing home.

On the one hand, I’m glad she’ll have the help she needs. On the other…. they aren’t treating her? She has a broken leg and two broken hips! Are they mad???

I suppose it will eventually get figured out, but seriously. This strikes me as Very Not Okay. And it is of course extremely sad that she’ll have to move into a home. I truly hope they find a good place where she’ll be comfortable and happy.

Well, now I suppose it’s time for the good news. The good news is twofold, but none of it is big news.

* I called the IRS about our tax return as I had heard nothing since I sent a copy of our wedding certificate (to prove our name change) over a month ago. Not only did they not immediately audit and then shoot me, they told me we’ll get our return in 3-4 weeks. As good as can be expected, considering.

* Our 3rd podcast episode is up now! We were going to record tomorrow, but decided to do it tonight while the retreat was still fresh in my mind.

I didn’t get to knit or spin today, because of work and then recording/editing the podcast. I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll get to ply up those singles, and Wednesday is of course craft night. To those involved: Any ideas for a meeting place? My requests for a location: within a short drive (preferably within 1 mile, in case I have to walk) of my apartment; good lighting; comfortable seating for a group of 5-6; open past 9 on Wednesdays; not too loud; something to eat/drink available.


I just heard from my mom. Apparently my Grandma misunderstood- it’s not her hip but her pelvis that is broken, and there’s no way to set that or do surgery to fix it. They will be continuing the physical therapy they’ve been doing and apparently they have some hope that she’ll eventually be mobile again, so all in all it’s much better than originally thought. Yay!


Hindsight and all that April 17, 2009

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I finished the first baudelaire sock today.

Baudelaire 1 done(The color is totally off. It’s darker than that, and in natural light the other colors show up more.)

It’s definitely the longest (in the leg) sock I’ve made, and has also taken the longest of any one sock to finish (started May ’08), but it’s up there with the most beautiful and the most comfortable, as well.

Sock foot

(It’s hard to get a photo of your own foot that doesn’t make it look malformed.)

I cast on the toe for baudelaire #2, today, as well. Which brings me to the title of this post.

I really, really wish I’d have discovered the two-at-once technique earlier. Like, say, about a week before casting on baudelaire #1. That would have been a good time. It totally spoiled me for doing a second sock. Luckily, most of this sock was knit long enough ago that I hardly remember knitting it, so it’ll be fresh enough… but the stitch pattern itself? Not really interested in knitting another foot and a half of it, thanks.

Well, at least I know now, for future socks. I’m not sure I’ll ever knit one at a time again.

We recorded episode 2 of the podcast today! It should be up sometime tomorrow, if I have anything to say about it.

…which I do.