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Unitologyyyyyyyyyy April 5, 2011

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As I mentioned in the previous post, the April Nerd Wars Challenges were announced a few days ago and I lost no time getting started. Here’s a list of my plans:

Giving Geeks(Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief): Already done- I won one of the auctions in the CPAAG Action Auction for Japan and donated the amount that I bid to the Search Dog Foundation to help train dogs to find missing people.
Intellectual (Pi): Froot Loop socks! Yep, one is already done and the other is nearing the heel flap.

Froot Loop socks in Mountain Colors Crazyfoot, unknown colorway, size US 2 needles.

Nerd Culture (Reading): This one is done, too. I made Arden mitts for Cory and embroidered some symbols from Unitology (Dead Space game and novels) on the palms.  Cory asked for “magic symbols” on the palms, so this worked for that and also made the project fit into the reading challenge.  The symbols are his initials.

Arden in Malabrigo Worsted Merino, color Buscando Azul, size US 7 needles.

Scientific (Deep Sea): I’m knitting Celaeno in some Yarn Pig I have in Midnight Sky, with silver-lined turquoise beads to represent bioluminescent creatures in the deep areas of the ocean.
Technical (Size): For this you’re supposed to scale something you’ve already made. I’m probably just going to make a minifoppy, but if I have time I might make a small version of the clapotis I made for my wedding.
Team Spirit (WIPs): My husband will be so happy- an excuse to finish his socks! I might also try to finish this lovely scarf I started ages and ages ago.


April at last April 2, 2011

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That means Spring is well and truly on the way. It also means I can stop waiting for the next Nerd Wars challenges and freakin’ cast ON, already.

Things of note this week:

  • I went out to 3 Kittens Needle Arts with my sister to use the gift card she and her husband gave me for my birthday. I got these:

Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Magenta (apparently because that’s what color the water turns when you dye yarn purple) and

two skeins of Lush angora/merino in a gorgeous dark forest green.  (before anyone says it, yes, I know it sheds. It’s angora. DUH, it sheds.)

  • My video podcast was mentioned on several other video podcasts, and has gotten over 100 views on all three episodes now.
  • The CPAAG Action Auction for Japan started today (well, besides the flash auctions that went on over the week- this was the real, all day long start of the auction, which goes until Sunday at 10:30 EDT) and my offering, a custom shawl in any color and pattern, sold for $175! I had the winner donate the money to Doctors Without Borders, and she’s going to get back to me later this weekend or next week about her choice of pattern and yarn.
  • The Nerd Wars challenges were indeed posted and are FRIGGIN’ HARD. I’m not sure what I’ll do for most of them, but at least a couple will be pretty easy- one is to do something to help Japan (yeah, got that in the bag, see above) and one is to make something relating to pi, which is convenient because I just started a pair of Froot Loop socks. No photos yet- I’m tired and need to go to bed- but I’ll post some later this week. At the rate these socks are going, I’ll probably even show a finished sock later this week!



Done done done February 22, 2011

That’s the thing about having a week where you work on lots of things, but finish nothing. Soon after, a bunch of things get finished.

But before I show you finished things, here is something gorgeous- my Christmas present from Nicole.

It’s handspun wool/silk and I love it. It’s so unlike most of the yarn I’ve spun- bouncy and squishy and full of interest and character.

There’s 310 yards there, thick and thin, and I need to decide what to make from it. Maybe Moody Kerchief.

Okay, now for the FO parade.

First up, my ice cream/cake socks (the picot edge just makes them look like layer cake with lots of frosting to me).

No pattern, Knitpicks Felici Self-Striping in Neapolitan, size US 2 needles

I like the process of the afterthought heel, but as I feared they are a little tight to get on. I’m hoping they relax a bit with washing. The picot bindoff is nice and stretchy, though.

Next up, my mom’s felted slippers. She bought me the pattern in exchange for a pair.

French Press Felted Slippers, Patons Classic Wool in grey, size US 15 needles

It’s hard to tell, but the buttons are navy blue. I made the 7/8 size because I have slightly larger feet than my mom and the 9/10 size is too big for me. These fit me ever so slightly snugly when I took them out of the washer, so hopefully they’ll fit mom fine.

Last, a wee pair of toddler mittens I made for a charity auction that a friend of a friend on Ravelry is holding to benefit a little boy’s adoption by his aunt and uncle.

Several patterns, Classic Elite Bazic wool in purple and Knitpicks CotLin in Creme Brulee, size US 5 and 7 needles

I couldn’t help thinking that these look awfully small, but I have so little experience with toddlers that I really don’t know. I cobbled together a few different toddler mitten patterns to make these, and the crowns are intarsia-in-the-round (not as hard as you’d think, just kind of fiddly) of my own design with pink plastic beads knit right into the fabric. I’m very pleased with them, and I’m really hoping they raise a good sum at the auction.

I also made a little phone cozy for Cory’s new Droid (the FIRST THING he did after opening it and activating it was ask me to make him a phone cozy. Gotta love that man!) but I forgot to take a photo last night and he took it to work with him today. I’ll try to get a picture tonight.

Unfortunately, this means that after I donate an old pair of mittens that I only wore once to a local charity tonight, I’ve got six days of February remaining but no Nerd Wars challenges left. I could do something else small for the Harry Potter House Cup, I suppose, but it almost seems a waste not to get March Nerd Wars credit, since I have two big fat projects planned for March. Maybe I’ll cast on that Moody Kerchief anyway.


tssssssssssssssssssssssss February 4, 2011

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This morning, after I had my breakfast, I decided to sit down and crank out the creeper toy my husband has been asking me to make him for months.  For those who do not play Minecraft, creepers look like this.

They’re terrifying because they don’t make any noise, so you can’t hear if they’re nearby; they don’t burn in daylight like some of the other enemies in the game, so they can sneak up on you anywhere; and if they get close enough to you, they hiss loudly and then explode. One exploding creeper can kill you if you aren’t careful, so they’re an annoying and frightening enemy. However, they can also be pretty hilarious, so Cory wanted one. He picked out the yarn a while ago, so all I had to do was come up with a pattern and whip one up.

12 hours and several attempts later, I finally finished a creeper I’m happy with.

Minicreeper is about 4 or 5 inches tall, and I crocheted it using a size E hook.

I think it came out rather well. It now lives on one of Cory’s speakers, and he loves it, so it’s a win, I think. I also turned it in for Nerd Wars under the team spirit challenge.

Speaking of Nerd Wars, I’m about 1/3 done with my second project… my Traveling Woman shawlette, made with Dream in Color Starry. I call it my Space Traveling Woman, because it really looks like a starry night sky. I’m making this for the scientific challenge, the theme of which is Nebula. This is my inspiration image.

And here’s the shawl so far.

The color is a little off, there- it’s a bit darker than that in real life- but you can see how it’s blue and purpleish and sparkly. I have some pinky-purple AB-coated beads that will go on the lace section, as well.