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Mine? Mine? Mine? April 18, 2011

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8 months. 8 MONTHS I’ve been looking for a job and had no calls, no interviews, nothing.

This week? Two interviews in three days. Both are jobs I’d probably quite like. One is at Michael’s (the craft store) and the other is at REI (outdoor sporting/camping goods store). I’m a little nervous, because while the Michael’s job would be ok, I REALLY want the REI job, but the Michael’s interview is first.

Anyway, knitting stuff. You came here for that, right? Well here’s half an FO:

This is a test knit I signed up to do on Ravelry. The pattern is called Violin Socks, and the yarn is Malabrigo sock. I’m about 2/3 done with the leg on the 2nd sock, but I don’t have a photo of that yet.

That’s really all I’m working on that’s worth showing yet. I have two or three more projects but such little progress that there’s no point taking a photo. However, I got some mail today! A while ago, I signed up for the Knitgirllls spin-a-long. I didn’t end up liking the fiber we got very much, so I asked a friend to drum card it and I got the finished batts back today. They’re gorgeous!

Here’s before:

And after!

Nom nom nom.