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Pretty in Pink March 20, 2011

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I didn’t intend this yarn to be pink- I used a lot of purple and blue in the dye, but most of what took was pink and sort of a mauve. I’m not normally so into pink, but I have to say, lately it’s been more appealing… especially in a delicate, heathered laceweight.

Corriedale/Romney cross lamb fleece, hand cleaned, combed, dyed, and spun. 686 yards from 2.2 oz,  fine laceweight.

I’m really pleased with how this came out. It’s slightly underspun (on purpose) so it’s light and lofty and I can’t believe how much yardage I got.

I’m not sure what this will end up being, or if it will even be for me (see above- I’m not really that into pink, not sure I could wear it) but it’s sure soft and lovely.


Done done done February 22, 2011

That’s the thing about having a week where you work on lots of things, but finish nothing. Soon after, a bunch of things get finished.

But before I show you finished things, here is something gorgeous- my Christmas present from Nicole.

It’s handspun wool/silk and I love it. It’s so unlike most of the yarn I’ve spun- bouncy and squishy and full of interest and character.

There’s 310 yards there, thick and thin, and I need to decide what to make from it. Maybe Moody Kerchief.

Okay, now for the FO parade.

First up, my ice cream/cake socks (the picot edge just makes them look like layer cake with lots of frosting to me).

No pattern, Knitpicks Felici Self-Striping in Neapolitan, size US 2 needles

I like the process of the afterthought heel, but as I feared they are a little tight to get on. I’m hoping they relax a bit with washing. The picot bindoff is nice and stretchy, though.

Next up, my mom’s felted slippers. She bought me the pattern in exchange for a pair.

French Press Felted Slippers, Patons Classic Wool in grey, size US 15 needles

It’s hard to tell, but the buttons are navy blue. I made the 7/8 size because I have slightly larger feet than my mom and the 9/10 size is too big for me. These fit me ever so slightly snugly when I took them out of the washer, so hopefully they’ll fit mom fine.

Last, a wee pair of toddler mittens I made for a charity auction that a friend of a friend on Ravelry is holding to benefit a little boy’s adoption by his aunt and uncle.

Several patterns, Classic Elite Bazic wool in purple and Knitpicks CotLin in Creme Brulee, size US 5 and 7 needles

I couldn’t help thinking that these look awfully small, but I have so little experience with toddlers that I really don’t know. I cobbled together a few different toddler mitten patterns to make these, and the crowns are intarsia-in-the-round (not as hard as you’d think, just kind of fiddly) of my own design with pink plastic beads knit right into the fabric. I’m very pleased with them, and I’m really hoping they raise a good sum at the auction.

I also made a little phone cozy for Cory’s new Droid (the FIRST THING he did after opening it and activating it was ask me to make him a phone cozy. Gotta love that man!) but I forgot to take a photo last night and he took it to work with him today. I’ll try to get a picture tonight.

Unfortunately, this means that after I donate an old pair of mittens that I only wore once to a local charity tonight, I’ve got six days of February remaining but no Nerd Wars challenges left. I could do something else small for the Harry Potter House Cup, I suppose, but it almost seems a waste not to get March Nerd Wars credit, since I have two big fat projects planned for March. Maybe I’ll cast on that Moody Kerchief anyway.


Weekend! May 14, 2010

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At last, hooray! After two 4-day weeks in a row, a proper 5-day workweek is kind of awful. But, it’s over now, and I have the first whole weekend in a while to relax and enjoy being at home.

I didn’t do any knitting today, but earlier when I was at my mom’s place, I got some photos of the scarf she’s making from the handspun I gave her for Mother’s Day. I’m very pleased, the yarn is doing nice thick slow striping just like I hoped it would!

The pattern is the Best Friend Scarf, and she’s making it to go with her grey down winter coat. I think it’s turning out beautifully.

Do you know, I’ve never actually knitted with my own handspun? It’s a crying shame. I really ought to do something about it, but I never have time! Perhaps I’ll spin and then knit someone’s Christmas present this year, if I end up getting the time to do it. With my sister’s baby due in November, I’m not sure how much not-for-baby knitting I’ll get done!

In case you guys are wondering- I am, in fact, still reading a lot. I just stopped listening to books on tape at work (ran out of ones I was interested in, boo) and have been semi-slogging through a very long but VERY interesting book on the history of forensic science. Cool stuff, but not exactly a read-it-in-one-sitting type of book!