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Patterns February 16, 2009

All patterns written by myself will be provided here, whether for free or for sale. They are also available via Ravelry.

Patterns for sale:

Two for His Heels

A masculine sock pattern for the cribbage aficionado in your life! This sock is written with several leg pattern options, and can be knit in all sizes (guidelines for altering size are included). Depending on the yarn you use, this pattern is appropriate for anyone, male, female, or in between.

Pattern requires size US 2 needles and 400+ yards of light fingering weight yarn for up to a men’s size 14.

The cost for this pattern is $5.00 US. It is available on Ravelry here.

Patterns for free:

A Practical Animal Cracker Hat

This hat is based off of Ron’s hat in the animal cracker scene from the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I restructured the hat to be more practical for real winter wear.

This hat is available both here as a free PDF and on Ravelry.


This is a tea cozy designed to snugly fit a Beehouse brand 22oz teapot. Instructions are given on knitting a plain cozy, but the middle panel can be worked in any design you like.

This pattern is available here and on Ravelry.

Got pattern errata? Questions? Comments? Contact me using the form below!


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