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A week of no FOs February 20, 2011

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I worked on a lot of projects this week. Really, I did. I spent most of every day knitting, but somehow nothing got finished.

There were the Alice mittens:

One down, the other not even cast on yet (I needed a break, I knit this one in three days).

There were my ice cream cake/Double Scoop socks:

I’m on the leg of these. 12 of 17 stripes done. You may be wondering where the heel is. Well, do you see the little dot of black on each sock? That’s a line of waste yarn going across the back, and when the whole leg and cuff are done, I’m going to pick up those stitches and do an afterthought heel. That way the stripes stay the same up the leg. Neat, huh?

And then there were my mom’s French Press slippers:

Which are actually completely done but I haven’t felted them yet. I’m planning to do that tomorrow. I did a size smaller than I made for mine, even though we have very similarly sized feet, because my slippers came out too big.

So you see why I haven’t posted. I thought I could get ONE of these things done, but it just didn’t happen. I do have to get the socks and slippers done before the end of the month, though, for Nerd Wars/HPKCHC.


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