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Together again… January 29, 2011

Hey again. Anyone still out there? Probably not, but in any case, I’m still here. I’ve been feeling kind of down and useless lately, so I’m going to try to blog a little more often (read: more than never) in the interest of having some kind of structure in my life.

So, since I quit my job, I have:

  • Not gotten a new job, though I have applied for some
  • Not started school, I’m hoping to get to the point where I can this fall. I was originally hoping for spring, but our car died.
  • Become an aunt to a sweet little man named Elliot
  • Knit a lot of things (see below)
  • Baked and cooked a lot of things
  • Started trying to lose weight, with little to no success

Here’s a little sample of some things I’ve knit since August.

In the middle, you may notice a couple of familiar items… the yarn I started in July and the Aeolian I started in March of 2009. Yeesh. Hard to believe it’s been that long, but it’s done (and gorgeous!) now. If anyone would like a breakdown of what all of those things are, feel free to ask, or you can just check out my profile on Ravelry.

I’ve been watching video knitting podcasts lately, though there aren’t many. I prefer them to audio podcasts because you can actually see what the podcasters are working on IN the cast, rather than having to find shownotes or look them up on Ravelry. I’ve been sort of idly thinking about starting my own, or at least doing some blog entries via video, but I’m not sure- partially because my webcam is crap quality, partially because from my desk you’d get a nice view of the back of my brother’s monitor, and partially because, well, I’m not exactly photogenic, what with the wonky eye and all. I might try one video entry someday if there’s any interest, though.

I’ve also joined a couple of knitting related challenges since I last posted. One is the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup, wherein the participants are sorted into Houses and craft on themes (“classes”) for House points. The other is new, and just about to start, and is called Nerd Wars. It’s similar, but the challenges are “tournaments” and are on more widely nerdy themes. I’m on the video gaming team, and I am planning to make a creeper from the game Minecraft as my first project. The last one is called 11 Shawls in 2011, and that’s exactly what it is. So far, only one of my shawls (the grey one above- a modified Haruni) has fallen within the guidelines- cast on and finished within this year, minimum 250 meters of yarn- but I have many more planned out and one cast on… which brings me to:

My WIPs. Currently I only have two active WIPs on the needles. The first is my “OWL” project for the Harry Potter House Cup- that’s a project that will take a minimum of two months to complete- and is the Alice in Wonderland mittens. I’m really not far on these yet, only about one rose repeat in on the right mitten. I do love them though.

The other thing I’m working on is Abyssal, a French pattern that has been (sort of badly) translated into English. I’m using that one precious skein of 100% cashmere yarn that I bought two years ago with the gift certificate my aunt gave me to Patternworks. It’s going to be soft and warm and lovely when it’s done, but I’m bored to tears with it at the moment!

My boredom with that shawlette is not aided by the fact that I’ve gotten several yarn orders in the last couple of months, from Knitpicks. My two most recent acquisitions are two skeins of Felici Sport in Neapolitan (ice cream socks!!) and a sweater’s worth of Wool of the Andes in Blackberry (dark purple), for Bernhardt. I’m really excited to cast on both of those, plus I want to make a Travelling Woman shawl out of some blue and purple Dream in Color Starry I have balled up already, so I’m champing at the proverbial bit to get done with this boring shawlette!

Well, I think that’s a basic recap of everything that’s going on. Oh- one other thing- my husband got switched to the day shift and is working in the R&D department now instead of fabrication, so he’s much happier and we’re able to have normal social lives. Or, well, we could, if we had a car. But that’s what tax refunds are for, right?