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Intentions July 22, 2010

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I was going to post two days ago, but I got some kind of stomach bug and went to bed early. I was going to post yesterday, but I’m now coming down with my boss’s stupid cold because she didn’t stay home like she should’ve. I was going to show you my knitting and my new shoes, but EVERY photo I took came out blurry because it’s rainy out and my camera hates everything ever.

So. Here is a photo of a cat in a laundry hamper from two days ago.

She got herself in there somehow. I was in the bathroom, heard a clunk and a clatter, and when I came into the bedroom, the hamper was meowing and Simon was sitting by it looking confused. I think the top must’ve somehow been open (it doesn’t like to stay open, so that’s rare, but the only real possibility) and she was trying to jump on top and fell in, and her weight hitting the side slammed the lid shut. In any case, I laughed and took a photo before I let her out, because that’s what you do when your cat does something stupid.

I’m working on my dad’s Rockies socks right now, albeit slowly. I finished the toes and did about 5 rows of the foot at the wedding we went to on Tuesday. The toes are black and the foot is purple and ribbed, but of course I can’t show you until my camera decides to behave.


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