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pseudoparty July 17, 2010

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Since our housewarming party had to be rescheduled (a lot of people had conflicts, so we decided it’d be better to just make it later in the summer), we basically had the day free. My friend Kate needed new bras, so Janelle and I went with her to the Mall of America for lunch and shopping. I ended up getting two new bras myself as well. I also picked up an application- not sure I’ll actually apply, but that location is hiring and frankly I love their stuff, so I think I wouldn’t mind working there even though it’s retail.

After we were done shopping, we picked up my brother and then went back to our place. We had dinner at Tailgate, which is normally pretty good, but I guess the cook was having an off-night because two of the five of us had pretty blah food. We played a little trivia (against each other- there was no one else playing) and then went home again and did mad libs for a while. Those things never stop being funny.

In case you haven’t seen it, go watch this video clip. My brother showed it to me and it’s just hilarious.


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