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fasfafsafafasfafafsa July 14, 2010

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The campus visit to Minnesota School of Business went very well. Very well. So well, in fact, that if I can figure out a way to afford it without more loans, and I can figure out a way to get there (no bus goes within 2 miles of the school) I will be going there as soon as Cory gets a job. The facilities looked good, the teachers’ bios looked promising, the program is extremely hands-on, and almost all of my generals would transfer in from my other degree.

However, the adult learners rep (who is my direct contact with the school until I decide to become a student) was incapable of saying “FAFSA”. He said “Fasfa”. Every single time.

Speaking of the fafsafasfa, I just filled it out. I think that we can afford for me to go as a full-time student if I get half of tuition in grants. That would be about $3,500 in grants per quarter. If I don’t get that much, well, I can still probably go, but only part-time, and I’d have to work at least 20hr/week somewhere fairly lucrative. Unless Cory ends up making more than we anticipate, which is… well. I’m not going to rely on something like that.

In any case, I should be spinning. I haven’t done anything useful all day, since the campus visit… it’s got my wheels turning and I’m so, so ready to go back. I never would’ve thought it, two years ago as I graduated with my bachelors, but right now I want very little more than to go back to school to work with animals.


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