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a pattern emerges July 13, 2010

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Seems like whenever I get depressed about my stupid job, feeling like it’s hopeless to think I might ever be free of it, I miss a day of blogging.

Not that you missed much. I was feeling sick, yesterday, as well, so I really didn’t get much of anything accomplished. Plus, it’s been bloody hot, so that’s also dampening (literally and figuratively) my forward movement.

Cory has an interview next week, as well as a meeting with a woman he’s been working with that might end up leading to a job. I feel slightly more optimistic than I did this morning. He also shaved off his beard, for interviews… he looks so different without it. About 8 years younger, for a start.

Unfortunately for you guys, I doubt I’ll accomplish much tomorrow, either. I have a campus visit to Globe University in Plymouth for the Vet Tech program right after work, and then my friend Kate wants to go bra shopping. I myself am not in need of supportive undergarments at the moment, but she’s going to Lane Bryant for the first time and wants someone to help her choose, and since that’s where I’ve bought ALL of my bras for the last 6 years or so, I’m a good candidate to help her. I might get a bit of spinning done after that, but I doubt it’ll be a whole lot. I’ll at least try to remember to get some photos at the campus visit.


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