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but it’s saturday July 10, 2010

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Cory got a headache while we were moving Nicole and Kiah into their new place, so after we went swimming this evening he went to lie down for a while. I checked on him an hour ago and he’d gotten into bed and was sound asleep, so I guess I’m staying up alone for a while. I can’t stand going to bed before 11 on a Saturday- seems a waste of precious weekend- so I’m going to stay up a while and try to get some spinning done. Problem is, I really hate spinning alone. I don’t know why, but there it is.

Moving Nicole and Kiah went okay. Their couches didn’t end up fitting in through the stairs and doorway, which really sucked, and I ended up accidentally sliding nearly the full weight of a 200+ pound television down my leg, earning myself a glorious bruise (and I am not an easy bruiser), but otherwise it went pretty smoothly. Their new place is very cute.

Here’s a shoddy photo of my bruise. It’s much brighter and a bit bigger than it looks in the photo.

Edited at 12:34 to add:

I ended up getting some spinning in while talking to Janelle and James on Ventrilo, and Cory got up a bit ago as well. Here’s my progress. It’s coming along, but still a good bit left of the first half.


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