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Too Darn Hot July 9, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — knitbytes @ 11:47 pm

And for some reason we don’t have the a/c on. I’m really not sure why, but it’s close enough to bedtime now that it would be pointless to turn it on.

I didn’t spin today (oh noes!) but in my defense, I swam, ran errands, did chores, AND played violin, so I think I deserve a break. There are two days of rest built in to the Tour de Fleece, so I’ll just spin on one of those to make up for today.

This weekend is rather intense. We’re getting up early tomorrow to clean (so why am I still up at 11:45? good question) and then helping Nicole and Kiah move. On Sunday, we’re hoping to go to the nature center, buy my brother-in-law’s birthday present, and then his birthday get-together is in the evening. Then suddenly it’s Monday again- and next week I’m going to a movie on Tuesday (Despicable Me), I have a campus visit on Wednesday at a local Globe University branch that has a Vet Tech program, Friday we have to clean again and shop, because Saturday is our housewarming party.



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