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Of Note July 27, 2010

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Since the consensus seems to be “post when you have something of note to say”, I’m posting.

Coz I quit my job.

Yep! Finally. Cory got a job, and due to a number of factors it’s not even sensible to keep my job with him working nights and all, so I put in my two week notice yesterday! My last day is Friday, August 6th. Only 8.5 workdays left!

I’m beyond excited. I’ve been ready to leave this place since, oh, February? My team leads seemed a little, er, frantic to only have two weeks to figure out replacements, but management said two weeks, so it’s two weeks they get. I mean, I certainly don’t care how much trouble they have after I leave. I normally would, but with how they treated me, and how much work they gave me with NO BACKUP… I have no pity for them. They dug this pit themselves.

So this is my second-to-last Tuesday at this job. The plan, after my last day, is to take a few weeks off and relax, maybe revamp my etsy store and try to get that going again, work on some projects I’ve been putting off, and then get a part time job. And then, hopefully in January, I’ll go back to school!


Anyone out there? July 23, 2010

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So, I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog, and have decided to just ask you guys straight out. You see, I’ve not been enjoying blogging all that much, and I’m pretty sure it’s mostly because there’s no real dialogue. I can post the same stuff on Ravelry and get responses, have a conversation, get opinions… but in a blog format, it’s more like standing on a soapbox and shouting, and people don’t seem to feel too keen on chiming in. I can totally understand. I don’t really comment much on blogs either, and they certainly don’t make it easy to respond to comments directly and get that kind of conversation going.

So, I’m not sure if it’s worth continuing. At least, not daily. I don’t have enough to say on a daily basis, and I’m starting to feel like I’m writing “what I did on my summer vacation” essays every day. I did this, then I did this, here is a photo, also I did this. Not exactly titillating commentary. So here’s my question to everyone reading this.

1. what makes you want to comment on a blog post?

2. do you enjoy reading daily posts even when they’re dull, or would you rather read occasional posts with real substance?

3. how dismayed would you be if I decided to drop the blog format and just post on facebook and ravelry?

4. what do you enjoy reading about? Do you only want knitting/spinning posts with lots of photos, or do you like hearing about my life events?

Speaking of which, Cory’s supposed to hear from the better job today, but I still haven’t heard anything. Oh well, as long as he has A job, I’m happy.


Intentions July 22, 2010

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I was going to post two days ago, but I got some kind of stomach bug and went to bed early. I was going to post yesterday, but I’m now coming down with my boss’s stupid cold because she didn’t stay home like she should’ve. I was going to show you my knitting and my new shoes, but EVERY photo I took came out blurry because it’s rainy out and my camera hates everything ever.

So. Here is a photo of a cat in a laundry hamper from two days ago.

She got herself in there somehow. I was in the bathroom, heard a clunk and a clatter, and when I came into the bedroom, the hamper was meowing and Simon was sitting by it looking confused. I think the top must’ve somehow been open (it doesn’t like to stay open, so that’s rare, but the only real possibility) and she was trying to jump on top and fell in, and her weight hitting the side slammed the lid shut. In any case, I laughed and took a photo before I let her out, because that’s what you do when your cat does something stupid.

I’m working on my dad’s Rockies socks right now, albeit slowly. I finished the toes and did about 5 rows of the foot at the wedding we went to on Tuesday. The toes are black and the foot is purple and ribbed, but of course I can’t show you until my camera decides to behave.


deadrouters r us July 18, 2010

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As I was about to tame the silver lion I’d been leveling specifically in order to tame, today (in WoW of course), an irritating thing happened. My connection dropped. Now, this has been a recurring theme the past few days, but it’s been only happening in the evening and usually only once or twice. Today was different. Not only was it 2pm, but it didn’t come back on.

So our afternoon was spent, instead of playing video games and lazing about before going to Marie’s birthday dinner, going to Microcenter and getting one of these.

Fanceh, no? It’s not the cheapest kind, firstly because the one that broke was, and secondly because we can afford it and it’s less likely to break quite as fast. So far so good, no connection drops whatsoever.


pseudoparty July 17, 2010

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Since our housewarming party had to be rescheduled (a lot of people had conflicts, so we decided it’d be better to just make it later in the summer), we basically had the day free. My friend Kate needed new bras, so Janelle and I went with her to the Mall of America for lunch and shopping. I ended up getting two new bras myself as well. I also picked up an application- not sure I’ll actually apply, but that location is hiring and frankly I love their stuff, so I think I wouldn’t mind working there even though it’s retail.

After we were done shopping, we picked up my brother and then went back to our place. We had dinner at Tailgate, which is normally pretty good, but I guess the cook was having an off-night because two of the five of us had pretty blah food. We played a little trivia (against each other- there was no one else playing) and then went home again and did mad libs for a while. Those things never stop being funny.

In case you haven’t seen it, go watch this video clip. My brother showed it to me and it’s just hilarious.


potential glee

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Well, it’s not 100% for sure quite yet, but it’s close enough, so I might as well tell the world.

It looks like Cory might just have a job!

It’s not quite ideal (night shift, but not every night, and the pay is a touch low), but apparently the benefits are good and he’d be on the fast track for promotion. It looks really promising. Plus, he has that other interview next week, so he might even get that one (which would have better hours and pay).

Either way, it’s looking like within two weeks he’ll be among the employed once more, and you know what that means.


As soon as it’s all signed and sealed and a start date chosen, I’m giving notice. I’m going to start looking for a part-time job right away. The only problem is, I’ve actually never had to look for a part-time job before. I’ve worked several part-time positions but they always ended up sort of falling into my lap. I know lots of good tricks for finding full-time employment, but part-time… I’m clueless!


Halfway point- one day late July 15, 2010

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Technically the halfway mark of the tour de fleece was yesterday, but I didn’t spin at all yesterday, so I spun double tonight to make up for it. I haven’t caught up, exactly (my fingers started going numb so I had to stop) but I did finish the first bobbin.

I’m pretty pleased with it, overall. I think it’s pretty even, and I remembered to switch hooks enough that the bobbin is filled evenly and compactly. I hope I can repeat it on the second half.