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Full June 27, 2010

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Today was long and full and fun. Sadly, that makes Monday all the harder. Oh well.

  • First, my father-in-law came by to drop off a dining room table for us (didn’t get a photo yet, oops, I’ll try later) and to take the old table from our old apartment to his place so my sister-in-law, who owns the old table, can pick it up later this year.
  • After that, Cory and I finished cleaning the old place and attempted to turn in our keys, but the caretakers weren’t home.
  • So, we went home and unpacked a little bit more and then had a lovely lunch out on our patio. We don’t have a grill or real patio furniture yet, but I made cheddar brats and fresh corn and cut up some watermelon for us.

  • After that, Janelle came over and we went out shopping for a new swimsuit for me. We also both picked up new headsets for gaming, and I got some new gauged earrings as well.
  • We went back home and Janelle played WoW on my computer for a bit while I worked on my blanket square. She still doesn’t have internet at her new place (should get set up tomorrow) so she wanted to check on some things in-game.
  • Janelle went home and James came over so we could take him to meet the rest of my family at Chaps for his birthday, which was last Thursday. We had delicious food and then went back to my mom’s place for cake, and watched old Sesame Street clips.
  • Finally, we brought most of our boxes from moving over to Nicole and Kiah’s place since they’re moving in two weeks.

I’m tired! Time for bed, I think.


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