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Down to six June 26, 2010

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Boxes left to unpack, that is. Just two boxes of decorations, two boxes of craft stuff, one box of computer things, and one box with all of the wall art. We’ll have to get the wall shelves up before we can unpack the decorations, and we might as well hang the wall art at the same time… so, we’ll probably get done sometime in the next week. We’re thinking of having our housewarming sometime in mid-July.

Some update photos- I unpacked all of the books and half of my craft things.

The stack of boxes by the kitchen and the paper box in the lower left are all empty. We still have to figure out what to do with the cedar chest- there’s not room for it in the living room, really, and the finish is horrible. Might have to stick it upstairs in the computer/craft room for now. (Incidentally, Cory and I have decided to call it the EPIC room. Entertainment Producing Internet Center. Office was too businessy, study insinuates, y’know, studying, and neither craft nor computer room works because it’s not just those. So from now on if I talk about the EPIC room I mean the room with our desks and computers and my knitting and spinning wheel and violins and everything.)

We also went out to mail that hoodie off to Owen, finally, and when we went to Hallmark to pick up a card, we saw there was a Gamestop practically next door, so we picked up Wii Sports Resort. TONS of fun games on this one, I like it much better than Wii Sports. I particularly like power cruising (jetski, basically) and archery.


One Response to “Down to six”

  1. Heather Says:

    Yay! The kitties came out from the laundry room! They look very well adjusted now that you’ve really moved in. The place looks great!

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