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Storm says: no. June 25, 2010

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We were supposed to watch the Kaposia Days parade at my sister’s house tonight- she lives right on the parade route, and right on the food section of the fair, so we were going to grill brats and buy cheese curds and watch the parade. Unfortunately, nature had other ideas. As we got ready to leave, we noticed the air was heavy and the sky was getting a little darker. As we got into the car, it started to rain- not hard, but large drops. However, once we got maybe a third of the way there… it was pouring. And I’m not talking just raining really hard. I’m talking the windshield of the car looked like we were in a car wash. Even with the wipers on full, the visibility was awful. We thought we might get through it, though- the cloud didn’t look that big- so we kept on. Unfortunately, the cloud was going the same way we were. There was already hail going on at my sister’s place.

So, there was no parade. But we still had fun- my sister cooked brats and corn on the stove, and we had cherries and chips with them. We watched Muppets Take Manhattan and Creature Comforts, both videos I love that I hadn’t seen in years. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home on my desk, so I have no pictures, but it really was a lovely evening. And the rain wrung the humidity out of the air, so it feels much nicer outside.

I also got a few more rows done on my blanket square. I was going to keep showing you photos until someone guessed what it is, but it’s going slowly and I’m impatient, so here- it’s the Mario washcloth pattern, but I’ve adapted it for a 6 inch blanket square.


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