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Return of random wednesday June 23, 2010

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  • Walking back to the building I normally work in from the building in which I do PC Store, some jerk came dashing around a corner in the skyway and crashed into me. I’m ok, but my laptop bag went flying and my work laptop no longer functions. The hard drive is ok, though, so we put it into another machine, but I’ll have to deal with the aftermath tomorrow.
  • Cory was late picking me up again, so we decided to go out for dinner (as he got some of his pay from the thing he’s doing) and we tried out the sports bar two blocks away. The food was really good and the menu is ridiculous- everything from wings to pasta to fajitas to french dip to pizza, and lots of good drink choices. Plus, trivia and karaoke!
  • TV Guide lied to me and that’s why I didn’t get any unpacking done. They said there’d be a new episode of Mythbusters on at 8, but it was a rerun I’ve seen a jillion times, so I let Cory watch South Park instead, while I played
  • Fallout 3. I got it a while ago but couldn’t get it to work. I got it working tonight, but I’m REALLY bad at first-person shooters, and the first area is kind of hard, so I gave up after only an hour. I’ll try again later.
  • I have to remember to bring knitting to work tomorrow. Not that I think it’ll be slow, but if Cory is late again I’ll at least have something to entertain myself with. Plus, I need to finish some blanket squares by early July and I haven’t started yet (eep!).

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