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Lethargy: 1. Me: 0 June 22, 2010

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I had good intentions, today. I was going to unpack books and start a knitting project and do more laundry. But then… work was insanely busy, Cory was late picking me up because he had to go do more work for that “three-week” gig that’s currently on week four with no end in sight, and then I started feeling sort of sick. So, I got the rest of the clothes put away, turned on the air conditioning, and then sat on my butt for the rest of the evening.

Ah well. Sometimes you just gotta rest.

As for the project I wanted to start… it takes size 7 needles. I bought an extra set when I ordered the yarn. I then packed them… in different boxes. I have found the yarn; the needles are nowhere to be found, as of yet. My other set of size 7 tips are currently in use making Cory a hat, so I’ll have to either dig up the extra set or finish the hat before I can start this project.

I did, however, pick out patterns for dad’s socks. If you remember, he commissioned two pairs from me, one in brown/black variegated and one in “rockies purple”. The brown/black are going to be my Two for His Heels pattern, because while dad doesn’t play cribbage much, he does play, and taught me to play at one point. The purple will be a simple ribbed sock pattern with a black heel and toe.


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