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As promised June 16, 2010

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Townhouse photos! (And then bedtime for me. Looong day.)

View just inside front door- up the stairs:

Living room:

Dining room:


Patio (those aren’t our weights- there’s also a kids bike on there? No idea whose they are, I have to ask the landlady):

Inside, up the stairs to the first bathroom:

Smaller bedroom, which will have our bed:

Bigger bedroom, which will be our computer and craft room:

Down the stairs, around and down again, to the basement, third bedroom that will be James’ (there’s a second bathroom through that door. I forgot to get a photo):

Through the bathroom, into the laundry room, complete with husband and Simon so freaked out he won’t leave the litterbox:

And Lyra, huddled in the crawlspace:


3 Responses to “As promised”

  1. String Says:

    looks roomy

  2. Mom Says:

    Wow, it looks great. I hope the kitties get adjusted without incident. (Kitty incidents generally aren’t too pretty.)

  3. Pat Anderson Says:

    It really looks nice. I’m sure you guys will be very happy there.

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