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Welcome Home June 15, 2010

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That’s what our new landlady said to us after we signed the lease on our new townhouse. Let me tell you, it already feels like home.

This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever had ONE key to a dwelling. Ever since I was old enough to have a set of keys, I’ve lived in apartments with an outdoor key and an apartment door key. The townhouses have private entrances, so we have just one key- but two doors! 🙂

I was ill-prepared and didn’t get photos when we dropped of the boxes and did the move-in checklist stuff, but I’ll try to get some if we go over there tomorrow. We should, but since Cory has his last meeting with the people from his three-week gig thing tomorrow evening I might not get there early enough to still blog (as the internet isn’t being set up until Saturday… speaking of which, depending on what happens, I may have to blog from work (meaning potentially no photos) for the next few days. Not sure how much we’ll be at our old place, since we’re planning on moving the cats and bed over there tomorrow.

But it’s ours! And it’s lovely! And our neighbors have potted plants and decorations outside their place, meaning a. they seem like nice people and b. we could do the same! I am thrilled.


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