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As done as it’s getting June 14, 2010

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And with 9 days to spare. Now it just needs to be mailed.

Yes, I decided not to do the i-cord around the sleeves and body. Frankly, I think it looks just as good without it, and this way it might actually get there in time for Owen’s actual birthday. Besides, in a couple of the photos, it looks like the i-cord around the body cinches in a bit, and that just doesn’t look comfy.

Everything’s pretty much set, for the move; we’ll be packing up the last of the immediate-use stuff over the next few days, just into plastic bins for easy transport and unpacking. The hope is, after we get the keys tomorrow, we’ll drop off a few things and I’ll set up the electricity to be turned on as of Thursday (if, as I suspect, Wednesday isn’t possible). We’ll attempt to get the bed over there either Weds or Thurs, and start moving food and clothes over there then as well. The only thing I’m not sure on is the whole electricity thing… they can be a bit spotty with their appointments.

In other news I discovered tonight that it is possible, even easy, to cook pasta in a rice cooker. Exhibit A, complete with “our dishes are already packed” disposables.



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