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More like WHY-cord June 13, 2010

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I finally picked up all the stupid stitches for the applied i-cord around the hood and stripe insert, and started the applied i-cord. Let me tell you, I know of few knitting techniques that are this outright obnoxious to do.

Basically, you pick up stitches all along the edge where you want the i-cord, and then you knit i-cord as normal on dpns except that you ssk the last stitch of the i-cord together with the picked-up edge stitch.


I admit, I am probably only going to do it around the hood and insert. The pattern says to do it on the sleeves and bottom as well, but… ugh. There’s no way I’ll finish in time if I do that.

In moving news, we got the dishes, cookware, and decorative stuff all packed up today. Pretty much just immediate-use stuff left… clothes, toiletries, food, that kind of thing. And, of course, computers. Also, I found out today that my dad is going to visit this week! He arrives on Thursday and leaves again on Monday. I’m very excited to see him.


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