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Always more June 12, 2010

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I keep thinking the living room is totally packed, and then I find more things. There are always more things. How do we have so many things? I’ve gotten rid of so much!

Today we went through the whole kitchen, living room, and storage locker, clearing out old stuff we don’t need anymore so when we go to do the final packing it’ll be quick and easy. I also very nearly finished packing the living room- really. All that’s left is the dvd player, vcr (yes we still have one), ps2, and Cory’s old computer junk. He’s going to see about getting rid of a bunch of it tomorrow.

Kelly brought us some extra boxes from her move, as well, so we should have plenty of boxes at this point. We may run out of tape, though. Luckily tape is substantially cheaper and easier to find than boxes.

Tomorrow, the plan is to get all the dishes washed, pack all of the cooking stuff (but for one pan to use during the week) and the eating dishes (we have disposable stuff to use until we unpack) and the non-immediate-use stuff in the bathroom and bedroom. That miiight be a bit of a tall order, since my back is already screeching expletives at me every time I try to stand up, but we’ll see.

Also tomorrow, Janelle is coming over and we’re going to see about replacing her network card… and sometime before or after that, two people are going to arrive to take the rolltop desk, and another will arrive to take the mannequin. Just stuff we don’t have space for.


One Response to “Always more”

  1. Mom Says:

    It looks like you don’t have much stuff left! Actually, I envy you the ability to just shuck stuff. I’m not an incredible packrat, but still, there are times I think “I might need this” when I should just jettison the clutter.
    Also, you are the most organized mover I know. When I move (if I ever get to) I hope I can be as prepared!

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