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millions of stitches June 10, 2010

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I finished the seaming tonight, at this:

That’s my husband in that red circle there! They were coming from entirely the wrong angle for me to get a photo of him actually getting his diploma, but that’s right at the start of the handshake-line. I’m incredibly proud of him- he even had the little asterisk by his name that meant his GPA was above 3.0! So now he’s officially a graduate of Dunwoody College with an Associate’s degree in Automated Systems and Robotics. Pretty fancy.

So, the hoodie is all seamed and looking sweaterish. The only thing left is the applied i-cord trim… and that’s where the title comes in. For every row of i-cord, you first have to pick up stitches all the way around wherever you want to put the trim. On this sweater, that’s about 3,547,854,953,543,544 stitches. All the way ’round the hood, all the way ’round both sleeves, AND all the way ’round the body. I’m still hoping to get this done on time, but with packing and moving… well. We’ll see.


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