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Eating is good June 10, 2010

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Had an odd sort of day yesterday. I got to work at the normal time, but for some reason they were out of the stuff I normally have for breakfast. I went up to my desk figuring I’d wait until I had a break and go down to check again (mistake #1) , but I didn’t end up having a break until about 10:00- and considering that I have to have lunch at 11:30 on Wednesdays because of PC Store, 10:00 is too late for breakfast. There were free cupcakes, so I had one of those, but otherwise hadn’t eaten anything.

So, I waited until 11:30 (mistake #2), and then went down to the cafeteria. Unfortunately, the grill (where I normally get lunch if I eat at the cafe) was closed, so I went to a different line I’d never tried before and got beef and broccoli stir fry. I paid for it (mistake #3) and went back up to my desk. It was… disgusting. Nearly inedible. Everything went in the pan at once, so the mushrooms were overcooked, the onions were crunchy, the broccoli had cold spots, and the beef (which was precooked anyway) was tough. The sauce tasted awful, too. I ended up having to throw it away.

So then I thought, gosh, I really have to eat something, but I have very little money, so I’ll just wait until time to go to the PC Store (mistake #4) and get something from the convenience store downstairs. Yeah, they were out of ALL of their lunch food, except one sad icky-looking five dollar chicken sandwich. So I got a soda and some nuts to munch on, and that’s all I ate until I went home at 5pm (mistake #5).

Needless to say, by the time I left work, I felt really ill and dizzy. I laid down for a while and my lovely husband got me a taco salad, so I ate a little of that, but I still felt sick. I seamed the sleeves of Owen’s hoodie, and then at 9pm it was time for the raid I’d promised I’d help Janelle with in WoW. Yes, I was the main healer on a 40-man raid (for which we only had eleven people, but it was under-level) while sick. Somehow, we finished the set-up raid, and went on to the main one. Unfortunately by that time it was getting late. However, we completed the first boss of that raid, which is notorious for being ridiculously difficult! I was quite pleased about that. But, with Cory having his final presentation and graduation today, and me feeling sick besides, I decided I really had to go to bed and someone else took over healing.

The raid was a lot more fun than I expected, I must say, but between the food stuff, how busy work was, feeling sick, and the raid, it was a very odd day.


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