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Nearly There June 6, 2010

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I completed and grafted the hood of Owen’s sweater, today, as well as grafting the shoulder seams. It’s blocking now and looks great.

I must admit, I’ve never actually done three-needle bindoff before, which is used on both the shoulders and the hood in this pattern. It’s pretty slick, and dead easy. The qualities of this yarn made is slightly more difficult, though. I don’t know if I’ve talked much about this yarn yet… It’s Caron “Country”. Comes in great colors, but it’s 75% acrylic 25% wool. I hate knitting with acrylic in almost every instance, but this yarn came in the colors I wanted so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m sorry to say I cannot recommend it. It is, bar none, the splittiest yarn I have ever worked with. It’s a cabled yarn (plied strands plied back on themselves) but very loosely plied, and my nice sharp perfect-for-wool Options needles just cut right through it. It’s also quite slippery, making weaving in ends rather touch-and-go. I think the sweater will look nice in the end, though. Just seaming and the icord border left.

In other (good) news, Cory just got home from his dad’s- with our car! They fixed it, and for practically no money, too! It’ll be so nice to have our car back (even if it doesn’t fit as many moving boxes as his dad’s SUV that we were borrowing did). Hurrah!


One Response to “Nearly There”

  1. Mom Says:

    Oh, my, that is just lovely! They are going to love it. And I’m glad you got to do that three-needle bind off. When I did it, I thought it was pretty darn slick.
    But the best news was the car! Hurray for the “fixed” part, and especially the “for very little money” part.

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