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Pack pack pack June 5, 2010

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I spent most of today packing, as the title suggests. We were unsure what to do about boxes, at first, since they’re fairly expensive to buy and no one we know that’s moving has finished yet, so there’s no real source of many free boxes (yes, I checked craigslist too). However, U-haul has a kit they call the easy pack, and it really is pretty slick. 10 small boxes, 10 medium boxes, a bunch of bubble wrap and foam sheets, 2 rolls of tape with a dispenser, 2 markers, and a utility knife, all for $50. We have a few empty rubbermaid-type bins and a few other boxes from Carmen, so I think we’re pretty set.

I ended up getting all the books and about 80% of the craft room packed. 15 boxes in total, including one that’s technically a large, snap-closure bag. I’m really sore now, but considering we’re signing the lease on this place in 10 days… it’s worth it. I’m hoping to finish the craft room and start on the living room tomorrow. Here’s how the craft room looks now.

We’re thinking, since we’ll have 15 days between lease-signing on the new place and turning in the keys to this place, that we’ll just do multiple runs of small stuff down to the townhouse and just move all of the furniture with a moving van. We’ll probably end up doing the moving van on the 19th. In fact, we might be finished packing by then if I can keep this rate up, in which case we’ll just jam as much other stuff into the van with the furniture as we can. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and we’ll be fully moved in well before the end of the month!


One Response to “Pack pack pack”

  1. String Says:

    Liquor stores always have really sturdy boxes, our dollar general is also a great place to get boxes as well

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