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Movin’ on up June 5, 2010

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I called the townhouse office today, around 2pm, just to find out when I could expect to hear from them regarding our application. Sheryl, the incredibly sweet landlady, got on the phone with me and looked up our file. A couple of things were still pending, but based on what was already there, she approved us on the spot! And for a June 15th signing!

We still don’t know all the details for certain (when we’ll get the keys, what day we’ll move in, and we haven’t seen our unit yet) but we for sure are moving to Windom Gables townhomes in a few weeks! I need to get packing- I did not think we’d be able to move so soon. I’m incredibly excited, but also really nervous and anxious to get this all done! Moving is stressful.

I also had a sneak attack phone interview this morning- a company called me completely out of the blue and the next thing I knew I was being interviewed. We set up an in-person interview for Monday, but after I hung up it occurred to me that I actually don’t know the nature of the position I’m interviewing for. Yeah, I know, what the heck? But I don’t think she ever said, and somehow I didn’t end up asking. I looked up the company, and it’s some life insurance company I’ve never heard of. They seem pretty sales-based so I’m concerned that the position might have to do with sales, but I have no idea why they’d want me for a sales position. I’m not sure, at this point, whether I should go through with the interview or not. If it’s a management position, which she seemed to be hinting at, I would be ok with it, but not if it’s sales.

I do feel pretty stupid, though. How hard would it have been to just say “One question- what is the nature of this position?” Oh, well. Any thoughts? Should I go to the interview? Cancel? Call first thing Monday and say “uh, sorry, I’m an imbecile, what’s the job?” Go and immediately ask what the heck I’m there to interview for? I’d really rather not miss 2 hours of pay at work just to interview for a job I don’t want.


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