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What blanket square? June 30, 2010

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Apparently I’m in solid denial of all of my knitting deadlines, because I spent this evening (after the now-standard dinner on the patio) photographing and uploading stash photos to Ravelry. I had a few actual yarns to add, and then I went a bit hog-wild and photographed my entire fiber stash. Now, mind you, I don’t have THAT much- especially compared to some!- but I have a bit, so it’s really not surprising that I only have a few of my fibers uploaded as stash.

I have, however, discovered the joys of picasa.

Nice, eh? And it’s just two button clicks. Very slick.


Yay and boo June 29, 2010

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I had another pleasant, mostly internetless evening. I had thought Cory was inviting a friend for dinner, but it turned out the friend couldn’t come, so we had leftover tacos and sat outside some more. I knit for a while, and then we went out for frozen custard. After we got home, we played wii, and then cracked open a bottle of wine I’d been saving and sat outside to drink it.

But that’s when I saw them. Little, goldish, fluttery, evil MOTHS. Just outside our back door. Two got inside. They are dead now, but there might possibly be more. All I know is, as soon as I have time, the stash is going in sealed ziplock bags.


Your Princess is in Another Castle June 28, 2010

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One down, one to go.

Just needs to be blocked, but I’ll wait until both are done so I can block them identically.

It’s amazing how much less time I’ve spent in front of the computer since we moved here. This is the first time I’ve been at my computer since I got home from work. I took a nap, made dinner, we ate out on the patio, then cleaned up from dinner and went back out onto the patio, and when it got too dark to knit outside we came in and played wii for an hour or so. A lovely evening, with amazingly little internet use.


Full June 27, 2010

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Today was long and full and fun. Sadly, that makes Monday all the harder. Oh well.

  • First, my father-in-law came by to drop off a dining room table for us (didn’t get a photo yet, oops, I’ll try later) and to take the old table from our old apartment to his place so my sister-in-law, who owns the old table, can pick it up later this year.
  • After that, Cory and I finished cleaning the old place and attempted to turn in our keys, but the caretakers weren’t home.
  • So, we went home and unpacked a little bit more and then had a lovely lunch out on our patio. We don’t have a grill or real patio furniture yet, but I made cheddar brats and fresh corn and cut up some watermelon for us.

  • After that, Janelle came over and we went out shopping for a new swimsuit for me. We also both picked up new headsets for gaming, and I got some new gauged earrings as well.
  • We went back home and Janelle played WoW on my computer for a bit while I worked on my blanket square. She still doesn’t have internet at her new place (should get set up tomorrow) so she wanted to check on some things in-game.
  • Janelle went home and James came over so we could take him to meet the rest of my family at Chaps for his birthday, which was last Thursday. We had delicious food and then went back to my mom’s place for cake, and watched old Sesame Street clips.
  • Finally, we brought most of our boxes from moving over to Nicole and Kiah’s place since they’re moving in two weeks.

I’m tired! Time for bed, I think.


Down to six June 26, 2010

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Boxes left to unpack, that is. Just two boxes of decorations, two boxes of craft stuff, one box of computer things, and one box with all of the wall art. We’ll have to get the wall shelves up before we can unpack the decorations, and we might as well hang the wall art at the same time… so, we’ll probably get done sometime in the next week. We’re thinking of having our housewarming sometime in mid-July.

Some update photos- I unpacked all of the books and half of my craft things.

The stack of boxes by the kitchen and the paper box in the lower left are all empty. We still have to figure out what to do with the cedar chest- there’s not room for it in the living room, really, and the finish is horrible. Might have to stick it upstairs in the computer/craft room for now. (Incidentally, Cory and I have decided to call it the EPIC room. Entertainment Producing Internet Center. Office was too businessy, study insinuates, y’know, studying, and neither craft nor computer room works because it’s not just those. So from now on if I talk about the EPIC room I mean the room with our desks and computers and my knitting and spinning wheel and violins and everything.)

We also went out to mail that hoodie off to Owen, finally, and when we went to Hallmark to pick up a card, we saw there was a Gamestop practically next door, so we picked up Wii Sports Resort. TONS of fun games on this one, I like it much better than Wii Sports. I particularly like power cruising (jetski, basically) and archery.


Storm says: no. June 25, 2010

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We were supposed to watch the Kaposia Days parade at my sister’s house tonight- she lives right on the parade route, and right on the food section of the fair, so we were going to grill brats and buy cheese curds and watch the parade. Unfortunately, nature had other ideas. As we got ready to leave, we noticed the air was heavy and the sky was getting a little darker. As we got into the car, it started to rain- not hard, but large drops. However, once we got maybe a third of the way there… it was pouring. And I’m not talking just raining really hard. I’m talking the windshield of the car looked like we were in a car wash. Even with the wipers on full, the visibility was awful. We thought we might get through it, though- the cloud didn’t look that big- so we kept on. Unfortunately, the cloud was going the same way we were. There was already hail going on at my sister’s place.

So, there was no parade. But we still had fun- my sister cooked brats and corn on the stove, and we had cherries and chips with them. We watched Muppets Take Manhattan and Creature Comforts, both videos I love that I hadn’t seen in years. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home on my desk, so I have no pictures, but it really was a lovely evening. And the rain wrung the humidity out of the air, so it feels much nicer outside.

I also got a few more rows done on my blanket square. I was going to keep showing you photos until someone guessed what it is, but it’s going slowly and I’m impatient, so here- it’s the Mario washcloth pattern, but I’ve adapted it for a 6 inch blanket square.


Two things. June 24, 2010

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Thing one:

The start of the first of the two squares I’m making for a group blanket project. Both squares will be the same. Any idea what the image will be?

Thing two:

Kitty. I might have to leave that space open on my craft desk, he’s just too dang cute.