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Should’ve done this ages ago May 31, 2010

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Since we’re going to be moving, soon, the pure amount of junk we have has been weighing on my mind. There’s no Goodwill close by us, so it’s fairly inconvenient for us to donate anything, but it turns out that Janelle’s mom donates to the Lupus foundation regularly and Janelle offered to take whatever we wanted to get rid of over to her mom’s for donation.

I spent basically all afternoon going through our clothes, decorations, and craft supplies, and ended up with SIX giant garbage bags full of donations. I took this photo when I had just four.

I found a bunch of old straight needles and acrylic yarn I’ll never use, as well, so that went into the donation bag. One of those is all shoes, and two are all clothes. We really, really needed to clean stuff out. It’ll be so nice to not have to move with and find places for all of that crap! I know we have more we could donate, too- that was just from half of the bedroom and the craft room.

Janelle and I had a showing at the townhouse I want to rent, this morning, and I want it even more now. I applied on the spot and brought James and Cory their applications, and Cory’s going to pick up James and go apply with him in person tomorrow (since they have to have their IDs scanned). I’m really, really hoping our income is acceptable, since otherwise they have no reason to not allow us in. They do require income to be 3x rent, but with the freelance work Cory is doing and James’ temp work, we make easily that much… it’s just a matter of them accepting that as valid income. So, we’ll see. The very sweet and friendly landlady put a rush on my application, so hopefully we’ll know soon.

In the meantime, we’re going to have to find a place for ourselves, our cats, and the moving van to stay overnight between move-out on the 30th and move-in on the 1st. Worst comes to worst, I found a hotel that may allow cats that’s about $130/night, and we could board the cats at a kennel for a lot cheaper (I’ve never done this, and I’m very protective of the kittehs, so I’m hesitant), but I’m really hoping one of our friends might be able to host us. It would be a huge hassle for them, though, so I’ll understand if no one can do that.


One Response to “Should’ve done this ages ago”

  1. Abby Says:

    I donated so much stuff too, when I was cleaning out! Probably not quite that much, though.

    Isn’t moving a pain in the ass?

    I hope you guys get the town house!

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