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Redo redux May 30, 2010

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Yeah, I screwed up the sweater again. As before, it was misreading the directions. I do not usually have this issue, so either the pattern is deliberately removing information from itself until I have done a substantial portion beyond the missing part, or I’m just braindead.

This time, I started the hood. I picked up all of the stitches, knit the first five plain rows, and started increasing by 2 stitches every four rows (as I thought the pattern said). 6 inches of knitting and almost all of the increases later, I realized that it was looking small and I was low on stitches. So I reread that section of the pattern. Yep, I was supposed to do five repeats of 2 increases every other row before the 4 row repeats. Guh. So, again I ripped it out and started over from the plain section. I’m maybe 1/3 done with it now, and 1/3 of a hood is not just boring but hard to photograph, so I’ll show you a picture of it once it’s more substantial.

No new info in terms of the car, as yet (still not working, in other words, but likely fixable). In moving news, though, it looks like my brother will be able to live with us after all! He’ll be staying with his friend for a few months and paying a very  small amount of rent at our place and his friend’s place, and then when he can move in with us he’ll pay more rent and help with the utilities. We’re going to look at a townhouse this week sometime, and based on the photos and video walkthrough, it looks perfect for the three of us, so I am really hoping it works out.


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