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Woosh May 29, 2010

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I spent the afternoon at my friend Kelly’s place, keeping her and her husband company while they packed for their move, and somehow the rest of the first and all of the second sleeve just flew off of my needles while I was there.

The only piece left is the hood, which is knit directly onto the front and back pieces. After that, all that’s left is seaming and the i-cord trim. I’ve already woven in most of the ends, just the v-insert ends left. I’m starting to feel like maybe it won’t be late after all! (And can I just say how glad I am to be done knitting 2 row stripes in four colors?)

In other knitting news, my father came online yesterday and was talking to me about how much he loves the socks I made him two years ago. He asked me how long they take to make, and then offered me a fair price (!!) for two pairs of socks! So this week sometime I’ll be buying the yarn for those. He wants a brown/black pair, for which I’m going to use this yarn, and a “Colorado Rockies purple” (baseball thing) pair, for which I found this yarn. I’m fairly pleased with that purple- I compared it to a photo of a Rockies player and the shade is spot on.

Now if anyone has good, interesting but not unmanly sock patterns that they like, please do let me know. I’ve already done the masonic lodge socks and (duh) my own two for his heels pattern, so I don’t want to do those again, but I’m up for anything else.


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