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Fake Places, Real Place May 29, 2010

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Short entry tonight (I know, like I’ve had any long ones lately :P) as we spent our evening here:

(that’s Triple Rock Social Club, on Cedar in Minneapolis) watching this:

That’s our friend Garrett there on the keyboard, playing live for the first time with his band Fake Places. They were really pretty good! Garrett was incredible. The lead singer was a little flat/generally off key at times, but he’s new at performing, so we’ll cut him some slack. It was a really fun time, though. I got some video of their first song, for those that might be interested:


One Response to “Fake Places, Real Place”

  1. Mom Says:

    Thanks for the video! I think I might like the band in general, but you’re right about the vocalist – not quite up to the level of the music.

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