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Sleeve’d! May 27, 2010

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Got most of a sleeve done at Craft Night, tonight! All the ends are woven in, the increases are correct, all is good. Just a couple more inches of blue and the sleeve cap, and it’s on to sleeve #2.

I really love these colors. I’m still hoping to get this thing done by Owen’s birthday at the end of June, but with the move I’m not so sure. I mean, ideally, we’ll be moving some weekend near the end of June (if we can get our crap together enough to find a place before June 15 and sign a lease and all) since my boss is out the week of the end of June, so we can’t move then without huge hassles. Next week Cory will be working every night on this short-term gig he’s got going, so I’ll be knitting and packing as much as I can stand. We have too much stuff. I’m sure I’ll be saying that a lot before this is all over.


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