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I’m a believer May 26, 2010

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Hey, all you people who wear crocs all the time, and swear by them as being comfortable beyond all reason even if they are hideous! Yeah, you! Remember me? I used to question how anyone could ever wear something so stupid looking, and how they could possibly be comfortable when they’re made of plastic. I swore I’d never buy something so obviously dumb.

Well. I admit it. You’re right.

I got my crocs in the mail today, and they are incredibly comfortable. By far the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. They do get a little hot from the whole plastic thing, but not unbearably so (and I’m usually in a/c unless I’m at home, when I’m barefoot, so whatever).

I still think the normal style is super ugly, though.

Bonus cat again. Lyra keeps providing me with excellent photoage.


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