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Brainmelt May 23, 2010

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We had a fairly nice anniversary, aside from the fact that Cory was at his dad’s for most of the day working on the car (which looks like it might actually be fixable after all) and the fact that I accomplished exactly 5 rows of knitting, overall.

See, I started knitting at about 9:00am after we had breakfast, and I knit all day long while watching Mythbusters. Around 3pm, I finished the stripe section of the first sleeve on Owen’s hoodie, and I attached the main color to do the last bit, and then I looked at the directions again and realized that even though the “at the same time, do the shaping as follows” note is after where it says to attach the main color, it meant to do the shaping over the entire sleeve. Including the stripe section. Which I had already woven in the ends of.

Yeah, so I just tore that chunk of knitting off of the needles and tossed it and started over. By that time, I had a headache (combination of extreme heat and humidity plus watching tv all day long) so I only achieved 5 rows on the new sleeve.

BUT. Besides all of that, we had a nice breakfast, a lovely dinner, a good bottle of wine, and some quality time last night and tonight. So not a bad anniversary all told. Now if only this crushing heat would lessen.


One Response to “Brainmelt”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I knit, ripped out, re-knit, and ripped out the same 112 stitch section of the blanket I’m working on, last night (it was supposed to be 112 stitches, but I question whether it actually was…). The thermostat in the loft said it was 86F at 9 pm, and I was just done. I’m not having much hope for tonight, either.

    Happy belated anniversary (meant to say that yesterday, but, well, heat). And glad to hear that the car is being more reasonable!

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