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well ain’t that grand May 22, 2010

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Our car is most probably unfixably dead. There’s coolant leaking into the combustion area, and as far as my FIL can tell it’s either a stupidly expensive fix (in which case, no, we can’t do it) or a less expensive, doable fix. Cory’s going back to work on it tomorrow. Yes. On our anniversary. Luckily we didn’t exactly have big plans, and he’ll be home for both breakfast and dinner, so it’s okay.

Also, he spent the afternoon at the location of that “opportunity” I mentioned a while back. While it sounds like a great temporary kick-start to his career, it also is short term- only about 3 weeks. He’ll make a good amount of money (all going into savings), but then he has to find something else. Hopefully the people at this place will help him find something longer-term… especially since we’re still planning to move to that area.

Anyway. On to my plan. On Monday, I’m going into my job, and I’m scheduling a meeting with my teamleads to discuss my position. I’m going to tell them that I will be quitting at the end of June unless they hire someone to take over IMAC coordination (the worst part of my duties). In the meantime, we’ll save as much money as we possibly can, move to a cheaper apartment, and look for long-term jobs (for both of us). If they hire someone, I’ll stay and do the other work- I don’t mind it so much- but if they don’t, I’ll leave. We’ll have enough money in savings to keep us in housing and pay the bills for a few months until we find other work.

It’s drastic, I know, but I think it’s the best course of action at this point. This job is literally making me sick, and I need to find a way to make that stop. Since my two coworkers who potentially could take over for me have told our team leads that they will not do it, they can’t outright fire me, and I am valuable enough that I have a feeling they will at least seriously consider hiring someone to do the IMAC stuff.


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