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hope May 21, 2010

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Well, I spent the whole evening looking at and chatting about prospective apartments, so I have nothing really to show you except the ad for the one I want most. It’s as close to perfect as I think we’ll get- right location, on the light rail, by a park and library and restaurants, big kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and affordable. The only negatives are that they don’t allow dogs, and the stove range is electric, but I can cope with that.

I was also helping Janelle look for studio apartments as she’s also moving soon and wants to live downtown so she can walk to school, and she found something very promising. Here’s hoping we both get our wanted apartments!

I can’t help but be nervous about it, really. I emailed the person listed in the ad, expressing interest, but there’s every chance that she’ll email back telling us that a. the apartment is filled already or won’t be available in late June, b. only one cat is allowed, or c. they have some horrible policy like all cats must be front declawed or something. But I suppose there’s just as much chance that we’ll get it, and if we don’t, well, something else will come up.


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