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Sigh. May 20, 2010

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Once again, I’ve had a headache all evening and didn’t accomplish much of anything, knitting-wise.

We did, however, have a lovely dinner with my mother (thanks mom!) and, in return, worked out a couple of issues she was having with her knitting and mp3 player.  She made some excellent pasta with pesto, chicken, and mushrooms, as well as custard with berries. Really delicious! And then I ripped out her knitting, and she was happy about it.

No, really. She has trouble picking up stitches after ripping, and she’d decided to try a different technique than she’d been using on the yoke of a baby sweater, so she asked me to rip back and pick up the stitches for her. Sounds odd when I say it, though.

In lieu of, y’know, actual content, have a chat roulette (video chat that pairs you with random strangers) screenshot I found on Art of Trolling that made my evening.

If it’s too small- that’s a guy dressed as Waldo randomly paired with a lady dressed like Carmen Sandiego. Waldo says “I won’t tell if you don’t” and Carmen responds “deal.”


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