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sleepy sort of monday May 10, 2010

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I was just falling asleep left and right at work today. It wasn’t really slow or anything, I was just exhausted for no particular reason. Then when Cory came to pick me up, he had forehead-creases from the blanket- he’d been napping, as he had a headache. He’s asleep now, and Simon’s dozing, too.

In between his nap and going to sleep, we went out to Cafe Latte with my family, for Mother’s Day. Cafe Latte is known for its cakes, and for darn good reason. I didn’t think to get a photo at the cafe, but I took one of the top of the piece I brought home (it’s half of the piece I got- they give HUGE slices of cake!). It’s their famous Turtle cake. I think no more need be said.

Yes. Those are whole pecans swimming in caramel sauce on top of chocolate icing on top of extra-gooey chocolate layer cake layered with more caramel and pecans.



2 Responses to “sleepy sort of monday”

  1. Abby Says:

    … *drool*

  2. Lauri Sam Says:

    so jealous…i really miss cafe latte (a lot)

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