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Day 3 and home again May 9, 2010

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It was really fun, I had a great time, and man am I glad to be home again. I always hit a point right around 48 hours away from home that I just start wanting to be back. I missed my husband, I missed my cats, and I missed my bed! I really did have a fantastic time, though. Got a lot done, too.

Final tally:

1 handspun yarn completed

1 sweater back finished (18 mo size) and front started

1 kittyface drawing started

2 projects planned out (unfortunately, BOTH take the same size needles that I’m using for Owen’s sweater)

1 Cory hat started

Not too bad, really! The yarn came out beautifully. It was my Mother’s Day present for my mom, and she really loves it. It’s 50%/50% merino/bamboo, and the finished yarn is 395 yards of chain-plied DK to worsted weight. She’s going to make the Best Friend Scarf with it.

Thumb included for scale. I really wish you could all touch this yarn, it’s just incredibly soft. Exactly what I was going for.


One Response to “Day 3 and home again”

  1. Mom Says:

    You are so right about that yarn – absolutely gorgeous (the picture just doesn’t do it justice) and so-o-o-o-o amazingly soft. I am one lucky mom!

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