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And we’re off! May 6, 2010

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Tomorrow morning, fairly ridiculously early, I and all of the women in my mother’s side of the family, plus one family friend, are heading off to our annual craft retreat! Here’s my pile of luggage.

Yeah. I know. It’s a TON of stuff. And this is coming from a girl who normally takes one small suitcase on week-long trips. I’m not normally a heavy packer, but as I was telling my husband, craft retreats are a little different. On normal trips, you expect to find entertainment in the area, or are going to an event to be somehow entertained. On a retreat, not only do you have to bring all of your own entertainment, you have to bring all of your food, too!

Happily my family is sensible and we each claim one meal, but there are still things to bring. My mom and I are sharing both breakfasts, so the paper bag and beige fabric bag are full of cooking utensils and ingredients, plus drinks and snacks for myself. The bee and orange bags are full of knitting and spinning tools and projects, as well as my netbook computer, and the large black suitcase has all of my clothes, toiletries, bath towel, chargers/cords, and drawing supplies. The small purple bag is my purse, so that has my wallet, keys, etc. as well as my camera and cell phone. My spinning wheel, I think, is self-evident (though if you’re wondering, the flyer assembly and drive band are in the orange bag with my yarn, fiber, lazy kate, and extra bobbins).

So yes. Retreats warrant quite a bit more overall luggage than normal trips! But I’m very excited. I’ll be sure to update you guys daily, so long as my netbook and the wireless internet up there play nicely together.


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