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And I like to do drawrings May 4, 2010

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Some of you might not actually know this, but I used to draw. A lot. In fact, I was originally planning to major in art, but a number of things stopped me (one of which was a lack of jobs in the field! HA. Like there are jobs in my field). Well, that same chain of events led to me eventually very nearly dropping art out of my life. A big reason for that was that I’ve always wished I could draw from my imagination, but my talent lies in drawing from life- what I’ve called being a “human photocopier”. I hated it.

It’s been several years since I drew anything of note, and I really miss it. I’ve sort of decided that it’s time to accept my talent for what it is, instead of wasting it away wishing it was something other than it is. So here’s where you come in.

I want you to help me choose what I’ll draw next.

I’m going to post four photos that I think I’d be able to draw fairly well, just to get back into the swing of things. I’d like you all to vote on which one I should draw. Voting will close on Friday, as that’s when I head off to the retreat and will hopefully start my drawing. I’ll be using prismacolor colored pencils.

Here are the options!

Option 1: Kittyface.

Option 2: Monkey in Thailand.

Option 3: Flowers.

and Option 4: Hands.

Comment with your vote!

(for the curious… 1 is my cat Lyra; 2 is a monkey at Phra Prang Sam Yod in Thailand, when I visited in college; three is I think violets, in Janelle’s mother’s yard, last spring; and four is my and my husband’s hands at our wedding.)


14 Responses to “And I like to do drawrings”

  1. Norm Says:

    I love the kittyface, but I think the monkey or the flowers would make better drawings. I have an aversion to drawing hands, so that’s out right there (I’m not actually an artist, but my mom is, and I inherited her dislike of hands)

  2. mousecatfish Says:

    The hands get my vote.

    I love your work! The strawberries look so real.

  3. Nicole Says:

    I vote flowers. They’ve got the most fun colors, so I could see them holding your interest longest. (I’d vote hands otherwise, but hands are tricky, so I’d save those for once you’re more comfortable with drawing again.)

  4. "Dusa" Says:

    I think that all of them are great, but think that the hands would be the most challenging. But, I like the monkey best! MM

  5. Mom Says:

    I definitely would like to see you try that monkey. You know I have always loved your monkey photos, especially that one, and you are so good at fur.

  6. Kellybee Says:

    The flowers get my vote.

    It’s partially a selfish reason though – my mother was the same sort of artist you are. She didn’t draw from her imagination, but could replicate things she saw incredibly well in her artwork. And my favorites of the things she drew were her flowers. 😛

  7. MonicaPDX Says:

    Puddytat first, to get back in practice. Then the hands, because of the textures, the subtle differences in skin colors, the sharp highlights and shadows… Plus what a wonderful drawing to display!

  8. itgirl Says:

    NO MONKEYS! SCARY! I like the flowers.

  9. Barb Johnson Says:

    I am an artist also….I have a thing for hands. I think it would make a lovely hierloom pic.

  10. You Know Who Says:

    The hands have an awesome sentimental value, but… my vote goes towards kittehface with violets a close second. Monkeyface is too flat for me. There’s some nice subtlety on the monkey himself, but including the background washes him out hardcore.

  11. Pat Anderson Says:

    Mom, Joan and I think the hands would be good. It’s a good photo, hands are tricky, so it would practice and the subject matter is special…so yeah, we vote for that one.

  12. Abby Says:

    My vote is for the kitty face because it’s the most striking, but I think the hands would be lovely because of the sentimental value. Personally I might try the kitty face first and after I’ve warmed up, the hands since they’re a little more special. =)

  13. Siggypop Says:

    Kittyface! Beautiful photo and great composition. 🙂

  14. TartanMonkey Says:

    I love the monkey in Thailand

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