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Robots and partial limbs May 1, 2010

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I worked a bit on the doll today, but not a whole lot. Janelle came over and we went shopping for a bit, plus the gauge is really killing my fingers, so I have to take it kind of slow. I’ve got both legs done now, though, and one arm about half done.

I have to do the duplicate stitch on the shoes, still- that’s what will make them look like mary janes.

While we were out shopping (we originally went to get birthday wrapping supplies and sandals, but I couldn’t find sandals in my price range- did you guys know the Payless in Rosedale is gone?), I found this completely excellent blanket at the dollar store. It’s thin fleece, not especially well made, but it was $1 and I’m a huge sucker for anything with cute robots on it, so Simon has a new cushion.

His expression has less to do with his opinion of the blanket and more to do with his opinion of me scooping him up and putting him in his bed when he obviously wanted to play. About 0.024 seconds after I took this photo, he had jumped down and grabbed a sparkly ball to play with. I promise he likes the blanket, though. Lyra’s totally jealous, so I might pick one up for her at some point (not the robot kind… maybe the butterfly one they had). Their birthdays are coming up anyway.

While I was taking the photo of the robot blanket, I realized that I probably never showed you guys the last hat my coworker (he of panda hat fame) commissioned from me. One day a few months back he IM’d me a link to an R2D2 hat, saying how cool it was and how much he’d love one. I made one for him, but it was too small… unfortunately, I’d done duplicate stitch on the top, so I couldn’t rip back to add more length. I ended up cutting a stitch in the middle section, tearing out a row, putting each half on a circular needle, knitting up from the bottom half, and then kitchener grafting the two halves together. It took a few hours, but he loves it. I didn’t get a photo of it on him, but here it is on me.


One Response to “Robots and partial limbs”

  1. kala Says:

    I love that hat!

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