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Unheard of April 28, 2010

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I know what you’re saying to yourself right now. “What?” you’re thinking. “Two posts in two days? I must be hallucinating!”

But no. What happened is… well. I checked my blog stats. And do you know, even though I stopped posting daily almost a year ago, and have only posted twice in the last month, I have been getting a steady 2-5 blog views per day? I can’t understand why, though I suppose hope springs eternal, but… I was sitting there, looking at my stats, imagining some kind soul clicking over to my blog every day, actually hoping I might have posted… I can’t leave that person to hope in vain. I knew people had been checking, but it somehow hit home a little harder to imagine someone checking every day.

And you can all blame them if you get sick of me.

Anyway, you want yarn pictures? Here is yarn.

That’s some of my Christmas and birthday yarn, all in a heap. Yes, it IS all Malabrigo Worsted. If you need to ask why, you haven’t knit with Malabrigo Worsted. Or you just don’t like wonderful things.

Here’s a subtle (hah!) hint of my mom’s Mother’s Day present. I’m going to be finishing it at the craft retreat next weekend (AGH SO EXCITED) so she’s going to see it anyway… so here’s a sneak peak.

And here’s some proof that my husband is incredibly sweet. I came home one day a couple of weeks ago and he said he had a present for me. Someone was getting rid of this nearly brand-new chair, so he snatched it up for me- because he thought it would be a perfect spinning chair! How sweet is that? (he was right, too)

(background cat is bonus.)

As a side note, does anyone else loathe the abbreviation “FML”? ‘Coz I really do. Not sure why, but it just seems so obnoxious.

PS: extra bonus, a photo of our dinner. It’s called Tuna Pie, and I think my mom made up the recipe when we were little. It’s sort of like an upside-down quiche.

Oh man. So nom.


One Response to “Unheard of”

  1. Abby Says:

    That’s the chair I’m sitting in right now! It’s from Ikea. =D Maybe I’ll pick one up for spinning as well, I need a good spinning chair. (This is my mom’s chair, I stole it because mine broke)

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