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Please hold April 19, 2010

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Life is in a bit of an uproar at the moment. Depending on the events of the next two weeks, I might just be able to get back on a daily blogging schedule (or at least a few times weekly) in the next couple of months.

Basically, my husband has an interview on Monday with a company up in Thief River Falls. Not only is the job in his field, but it’s a good fit with his interests, has great benefits, pays a very nice amount, and pays for relocation. Now, if you’d asked me a year or so ago if I would be interested in moving to a town where I know no one, in the middle of farm country, 6 hours away from the Cities and 1 hour away from the nearest Target, I’d have called you mad. After laughing hysterically for a few minutes. But now that I’ve lived in the heart of Minneapolis for two years… nothing is more appealing. (Besides. They have high-speed internet up there.)

So, we’re waiting to find out what’s happening with that. In the meantime, my job’s been getting worse and worse; I had a narrow shave with another pay cut; I’ve been knitting, but only things that are secret, so I can’t show you yet; and I discovered the maddening joy that is peanut butter oreos.

That’s about it, really. I’ll update the blog if anything changes, and with whatever photos I take on Monday (that’s right, I’m going too!).

Also, check out Wordle.net. Pretty neat stuff. Here’s the wordle of my blog:


One Response to “Please hold”

  1. Abby Says:

    I hope he gets the job!! You guys deserve something nice. =) I know what it’s like to wait for the word on high for whether or not your life will change, I’m doing that myself at the moment.

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