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can’t get up. must knit doll. April 30, 2010

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Seriously. This thing is addictive. Even though the gauge is kind of painful and it’s just stockinette in the round, somehow I can’t put it down.

I’d say I’m about half done now. I know it looks like I’m knitting a hoof on the end of its leg, but I assure you that will be a little mary jane shoe when it’s done.

I can’t wait until it’s done. It’s bigger than I expected- about a foot tall, or will be when the shoe’s done. Just the other leg, the arms, the dress, and the details left. I might also knit it some underpants, we’ll see.

Also: cat.


insert head joke here April 29, 2010

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I started my niece’s birthday present today (well, part of it). I’m knitting Poppy, a little doll pattern by Ysolda. So far, this is what I’ve got done.

Yup. Just the head. Sort of moderately gruesome, I suppose, but I think in the end it’ll turn out really cute. It’s a slick little pattern, so far, and totally seamless as well.


Unheard of April 28, 2010

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I know what you’re saying to yourself right now. “What?” you’re thinking. “Two posts in two days? I must be hallucinating!”

But no. What happened is… well. I checked my blog stats. And do you know, even though I stopped posting daily almost a year ago, and have only posted twice in the last month, I have been getting a steady 2-5 blog views per day? I can’t understand why, though I suppose hope springs eternal, but… I was sitting there, looking at my stats, imagining some kind soul clicking over to my blog every day, actually hoping I might have posted… I can’t leave that person to hope in vain. I knew people had been checking, but it somehow hit home a little harder to imagine someone checking every day.

And you can all blame them if you get sick of me.

Anyway, you want yarn pictures? Here is yarn.

That’s some of my Christmas and birthday yarn, all in a heap. Yes, it IS all Malabrigo Worsted. If you need to ask why, you haven’t knit with Malabrigo Worsted. Or you just don’t like wonderful things.

Here’s a subtle (hah!) hint of my mom’s Mother’s Day present. I’m going to be finishing it at the craft retreat next weekend (AGH SO EXCITED) so she’s going to see it anyway… so here’s a sneak peak.

And here’s some proof that my husband is incredibly sweet. I came home one day a couple of weeks ago and he said he had a present for me. Someone was getting rid of this nearly brand-new chair, so he snatched it up for me- because he thought it would be a perfect spinning chair! How sweet is that? (he was right, too)

(background cat is bonus.)

As a side note, does anyone else loathe the abbreviation “FML”? ‘Coz I really do. Not sure why, but it just seems so obnoxious.

PS: extra bonus, a photo of our dinner. It’s called Tuna Pie, and I think my mom made up the recipe when we were little. It’s sort of like an upside-down quiche.

Oh man. So nom.


a couple of weeks? April 27, 2010

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We got back from Cory’s big interview up north yesterday evening. It went fairly well, all things considered. I ended up having a headache nearly the whole trip, so that put a damper on my mood, but otherwise it was nice. The interview was overall a positive experience, except for the part where they said they’d let him know if he’s hired or not in a couple of weeks. Yeah… we were both sort of hoping for a little earlier than that, considering how much hinges on their decision. :/

Anyway, here are the promised photos. I tried to capture the best of the town… it’s a bit industrial, dusty, run-down, but otherwise a nice little city.

This is the downtown area. Unfortunately (I assume due to the success of the local industry drawing in the big-box stores) a lot of the small, locally owned shops were closed or doing badly.

This was city hall- an old railway station. How cool is that old train?

This is Digi-Key, the place where Cory interviewed. It’s huge, especially compared to the rest of the town. (it’s also slanted? I blame headache.)

This is the teeny weeny little park that Carmen and I sat in while Cory was interviewing. I’m not sure what river that is (it’s either Thief River or Red Lake River) but it was certainly pretty. Seemed very clean. Have another river photo.

Nice, eh? There were several itty-bitty little parks like that along the river. Seemed like great places to knit or read a book.

Speaking of knitting- despite the headache, I did make a little bit of knitting progress. I’m making the Necco Wafer Hoodie for Cory’s nephew Owen, only in less garish colors. I think it’s turning out quite nicely. I’m doing the 18 month size (it’s for his 1st birthday, in June, and he’s quite small for his age), and I’m about 1/3 to maybe 1/2 done with the back.

I’m also planning to start a little present for my niece Lily’s birthday, and I finished my sister’s present (which I can’t show you until she gets it, of course).

Speaking of my sister, she’s officially announced that she and her husband are expecting their first baby! It’s due in early November, and I am so excited. So much tiny knitting to do!

Speaking of tiny knitting, if you have a few dollars to spare, want a chance at a LOT of yarn, and like adorable sweaters, pop by fiberfarm and enter the contest she’s holding. Even if you don’t win, you’ll get a sweet little pattern AND help a puppy in need.


Please hold April 19, 2010

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Life is in a bit of an uproar at the moment. Depending on the events of the next two weeks, I might just be able to get back on a daily blogging schedule (or at least a few times weekly) in the next couple of months.

Basically, my husband has an interview on Monday with a company up in Thief River Falls. Not only is the job in his field, but it’s a good fit with his interests, has great benefits, pays a very nice amount, and pays for relocation. Now, if you’d asked me a year or so ago if I would be interested in moving to a town where I know no one, in the middle of farm country, 6 hours away from the Cities and 1 hour away from the nearest Target, I’d have called you mad. After laughing hysterically for a few minutes. But now that I’ve lived in the heart of Minneapolis for two years… nothing is more appealing. (Besides. They have high-speed internet up there.)

So, we’re waiting to find out what’s happening with that. In the meantime, my job’s been getting worse and worse; I had a narrow shave with another pay cut; I’ve been knitting, but only things that are secret, so I can’t show you yet; and I discovered the maddening joy that is peanut butter oreos.

That’s about it, really. I’ll update the blog if anything changes, and with whatever photos I take on Monday (that’s right, I’m going too!).

Also, check out Wordle.net. Pretty neat stuff. Here’s the wordle of my blog: