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Spring has Sprung March 18, 2010

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And both Cory and I are feelin’ the spring cleaning and organizing bug take hold. I’ve been planning to do this for, oh, probably years, but didn’t have the supplies or motivation to get it done.


Is all of my printed recipes and knitting patterns. Previously, all of my recipes were shoved into cookbooks, lying on the microwave, or stacked haphazardly under the cookbook-stand. Now, they’re all in page protectors, carefully organized by type.

My knitting patterns are also now organized in page protectors, a huge step up from the original folded-in-half-and-jammed-into-the-shelf-by-the-magazines state in which they’d found themselves.

(for you copyright vigilantes, no worries- that’s a free pattern, from Knitty.com.)

I have, in fact, been knitting a bit. Most of it is gifts that I can’t really show you yet, but I can show you these wee blanket squares I’ve been making. Not tellin’ who the eventual blanket is for, however.

They’re made out of leftover sock yarn. Very quick and easy to make, but only 3 inches to a side. Luckily, I only had to make four, since it’s a group endeavor.


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